January 2017 Usborne Book Sale – 20-60% off

Jan 9, 2017 | 0 comments

I’m gearing up for my semi-annual Usborne Book Sale on Friday, January 13 beginning at 11am! This is my way of thanking my most loyal customers for being amazing! I discount my inventory 20-60% off and there’s a mad dash to get in on the steals on the best children’s books on the planet. This is a great way to stock up on birthday gifts or build up your own home library!

Curious about how it works? Here are 3 simple steps to take full advantage of Becky’s Book Corner’s semi-annual Usborne Book Sale!

  1. Join the party! Need an invite? Contact me and I’ll make sure you’re in my faceBOOK VIP group and invited to the event.
  2. Get excited! There will be giveaways each day, freebies, games and FUN. Make sure to comment and join in to have the best chance to win prizes.
  3. Set an alarm! The sale is on a first-come-first-serve basis. This means that the first person to comment SOLD on the book gets it! Albums will be posted throughout the day so set your alarm and be on time for the best deals! Also, make sure to check the quantity listed – multiple copies will be available of some titles.

The party isn’t over after the inventory clearance sale! Get your kids in bed and grab a glass of wine! Join us back on the facebook event page at 8:30pm PST! There will be a Mystery Party with more giveaways, deals and FUN! I know this is late for my East Coasters, but you can easily jump in on the party over your coffee on Saturday morning and catch up! The best part of the mystery party is that there’s a mystery hostess! One lucky shopper will walk away as the hostess and get all the rewards… and, yup – January is double rewards month so someone is going to get hooked up with plenty of free and half-off books at the end of the party! How cool is that?! I’m so excited for this year’s Usborne Book Sale. It truly is just as much fun for me to watch you get great deals as it is for you to pick out your books!

For quick reference, here’s the schedule for the day!

usborne book sale